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by Paul Sullivan, RPh, RxN

Inventor and Formulator, IDNutrition

At IDLife our approach to health is to start with the basics. Statistics show we are just NOT getting the vitamins and minerals we need from our food, even if we are eating three square meals a day and avoiding all the “Frankenfoods”.


Modern Food is a Very Poor Source of Nutrients

IDNutrition seeks to not only provide those recommended levels (RDAs) of essential vitamins and minerals suggested by the FDA, but in addition seeks to provide that level studied in the medical literature that will optimize health, minimize chronic disease, and promote healthy aging.

The numbers of mineral losses in the foods that reach our tables in the last 100 years are alarming; Calcium levels down 48 %; Iron levels down 96%; Magnesium levels down 83%; Zinc levels down 38% and the list goes on. Food processing can be another vitamin depletor; blanching, then canning, or freezing destroys up to 60% of Vitamin C, 40% of Vitamin B2 and 30% of Vitamin B1.

IDNutrition Provides the Basics and More

The IDNutrition Personalized Program addresses these shortfalls and provides primary “foundational” nutrient formulas as the basis for our whole program with Basic AM ( available in your breakfast packet) and Basic PM ( available in your dinner packet). These formulas are provided at different times of the day due to our dedication to Chrononutrition; giving the right nutrient at the time of day the body absorbs and utilizes it best.

The Basic AM provides those vitamins and minerals that are better able to build energy and vitality to help maximize your body’s metabolism throughout the day.

The Basic PM includes those vitamins and minerals that help the body wind down for a restful night’s sleep while recharging those body systems that are detoxifying the liver and protecting the cardiovascular system preparing for the stress of the next day.

These Vegetables are NOT the same broccoli, carrots, and peas your Grandma ate!

IDNutrition Changes as Science Changes

These formulas, while basic and foundational, do change slightly as science changes to take advantage of new studies and new ingredients.

Next month we are changing both the Folate source – from Folic Acid to 5-Methylfolate, and B12 source – from Cyanocobalamin to Methylcobalamin or Methyl B12. These changes will supply these critical vitamins in their coenzyme or physiological form to increase absorption significantly and circumvent some potential genetic problems that 35% of our population have that often block or reduce absorption.

Very few companies in the country, let alone in the direct sales industry, have gone to this expense to make this change in their B12 or Folate source. IDLife continues to improve their products, making profound changes to the formulation(s) as the opportunity or science arises.

The Take-Away Message

Foundational nutrition expectations from everyday food intake are “out to lunch”, so to speak. The Basic AM and Basic PM Formulas provided in your IDNutrition personalized nutrition program are insurance that you are obtaining the vitamins and minerals you need to not only prevent shortfalls in nutrition, but to strengthen your immune system, resist chronic disease, fight aging, and OPTIMIZE YOUR HEALTH.


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